Hell in the Cell or as I like to call it "The Rant Box"

30/1/02 "you are a horrible person for even having it"

comics dead.. again... what a shock

29/12/02 "Moded to not accomedate modz"

Comic site Version 3.0 ..Oooo it's all Tron-y

19/10/02 "What do the Japanese have that I don't"

Well first off cleaner webdesign... I was browsing and one image hit me over and over again "Checkers"... white page... checkered border. It appears they're "not just for Mods anymore"so this is my first lil experiment in redesigning the site trust me I haven't traded in my punk albums for ska it's just me testing what I can do with a white background.

Party on, Dudes

P.s. The recent lack of comics is due to several factors from my camera screwing up to my horrible life

26/9/02 "New Veiwers"

I made the mistake of doing something which may cause "mad linkage" (see why here)
So you're new to my strip? Cool, welcome to the M-W-F that just doesn't know the meaning of the words "Lame, please cease and desist" I reccomend you read the rather small archives for a good background on why this is a photostrip and a basic setup on the characters involved... also be sure to check out my other sections and let me know if you have any problems... thank you come again.

24/9/02 "Apology #107"

Yesterday I was sleepin' so uh here's a comic... on tuesday wooooo...
Also I'm defying convention and working on a couple fanstrips even though I don't have many comics myself... go me.



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